what shoes does david goggins wear

David Goggins, known for his superhuman endurance feats, inspirational life journey, and best-selling memoir “Can’t Hurt Me,” has become a symbol of pushing beyond limits. Given his rigorous fitness routine and grueling races, the shoes he wears naturally attract attention. Let’s delve into the preferred footwear of this endurance titan.

1. Salomon Running Shoes:

Salomon is known for its durable, high-performance running shoes, and Goggins has often been spotted wearing them. They offer the necessary grip and stability for the rough terrains he often challenges himself on.


Goggins, like many ultra-runners, seeks shoes that offer maximum cushioning to minimize the impact of long distances. HOKA ONE ONE, with its signature thick sole, has been among his choices for this very reason.


Renowned worldwide for their comfort and durability, ASICS shoes have also made their way into Goggins’ footwear collection. They’re designed for both short, high-intensity workouts and long runs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Function Over Fashion: David Goggins emphasizes performance, durability, and comfort over aesthetic appeal. His shoes are always selected for their ability to support his extreme endeavors.
  • Constant Evolution: As with many athletes, Goggins’ choice of shoes might evolve based on the nature of his training, personal preferences, and the introduction of new technologies.
  • Personal Preferences Matter: While it’s tempting to think wearing the same shoes as Goggins will enhance one’s performance, it’s essential to recognize that everyone’s feet and running styles are unique. What works best for Goggins might not be the best choice for another.

David Goggins represents the pinnacle of human endurance, and the shoes he chooses play an essential role in his performance. By studying his preferences, we gain insight into what to look for in high-performance athletic footwear. However, always prioritize personal comfort and fit when making your selection.